Sea Salt & Paper: Extra Salt

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A copy of Sea Salt & Paper is required to play.


This expansion is a booster pack that includes 8 new cards with 5 new effects:



- 1 point for each combination of Swimmer and Jellyfish card
- Effect: On their next turn, opposing players can only draw the first card from the deck. They cannot play any cards or end the round.



- 1 point for each combination of Lobster and Crab cards
- Effect: The player takes the first five cards from the deck, adds one of them to their hand, then returns the other four to the deck and shuffles it.



- If a player has a duo and Starfish card in their hand, they can form a trio and place these three cards in front of them. The Starfish adds 2 points to the duo (therefore, the trio is worth 3 points).
- Effect: Cancels the effect of the duo cards placed with the starfish.



Effect: The player can use the Seahorse to replace a missing Collector card (octopus, shell, penguin, or sailor). They must have at least one card for that collection in their hand. They cannot gain more points than the maximum indicated on the matching Collector card.


Crab Multiplier:

1 point per Crab card (this card does not count as a Crab card)