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Enemy spies have infiltrated the organization!

As Agents, you must work together to expose and eliminate all of the Traitors before it's too late...
Infiltraitors is a cooperative deduction game for 2 to 5 players. Each mission there will be Traitors (cards) in the center of the table that the Agents need to identify before time runs out. As Agents begin to collect Suspects, they need to strategically share information about them so others can deduce what number and suit they are. They'll do this by playing cards next to their Suspects, and orienting them either: vertically (vertical cards have something to match the Suspect) or horizontally (horizontal cards do NOT match the suspect at all).
A card matches the Suspect when: it's the same suit as the Suspect, it's the same number as the Suspect, or its number is a multiple or factor of the Suspect's number. If an Agent is ready to guess they may attempt to Eliminate the Traitor, but beware — you have a limited number of bullets each mission!